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The award of Research Projects Proposals ceremony organised by ORIC at KUST under Research and Development grant (2019) Research Projects Award Ceremony was organised by ORIC on June 20, 2019 (10:00 AM). All Principals investigators who participated in the Research Projects Proposals by ORIC at KUST under Research and Development grant (2019) were invited in the ceremony. Seminar: "Climate Change in Pakistan: Global, National and local Trends" (2019) The Department of Islamic & Pakistan Studies (DIPS) KUST organised a seminar on a key theme “Climate Change in Pakistan: Global, National and local Trends” on July 04, 2019, at KUST. LEARN MORE Project Showcase
2019 at KUST (2019)
Project Showcase 2019 was organised at Central Library KUST on August 07, 2019. Students from different departments have displayed posters related to their research/projects. VC, Deans, faculty members and staff members along with students visited different posters at the event and appreciated the efforts of presenters in poster preparation LEARN MORE 17 38 Marketing Tips And Tricks For Your Website 9th Industrial Open House at Capital University of Science and Technology, Islamabad (2019) 9th Industrial Open House was organised at CUST Islamabad on July 18, 2019, where different FYP projects were displayed. Students explained their projects to visitors and judges and were eager to get feedback to further improve their projects. KUST participated in the event, and have scheduled a similar type of activity at KUST Project Showcase 2019 on August 06, 2019.
Seminar: "Psycho Education & Case Formulation" (2019) Department of Education & Psychology KUST arranged a One Day Seminar on "Psycho Education & Case Formulation" on July 04, 2019 in the Conference Hall, Department of Physics, KUST. Ms Mediha Zaheer Clinical Psychologist from the Department of Special Education, Shaiwal was the Resource Person of the Seminar. How to Write Stunning Blog Post Titles Scientific contribution of Dr. Zia Ur Rehman (2019) Dr. Zia ur Rehman, Assistant Professor, Department of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering, KUST has published an article entitled "Carriers Break Barriers in Drug Delivery: Endocytosis and Endosomal Escape of Gene Delivery Vectors" in the journal of Accounts of Chemical Research.