Research Papers By KUST

The list of research papers by KUST can be seen below

1Bionacular Micro Scope(china)250 v1Lab Issue
2Compund Microscope(Germany)S.N(1120019535)(29)(42)(44)(47)5Lab Issue
3Compund Microscope(Japan)Power switch button is out of orderLab Issue
4Stearo microscope(Germany)S.N(1353010063)(61)(65)(62)Lab Issue
5.Microscope (China)Lab Issue
6 .Centrefuge Machine(M No.1020DE)s.1828-1Lab Issue
7Dry whight Meter2Lab Issue
8 .Desection BoxLab Issue
9Degital Balance (japan D455oo1225)1Lab Issue
10.Fizro Metre1Lab Issue
11.Hygrometre1Lab Issue
12 .HaemometreLab Issue
13 .Incubeter (s.n D06060 M.N 400Lab Issue
14 .TableLab Issue
15.Racks14Lab Issue
16.Lab tools25Lab Issue
17Mix & Minimum Tharmametre4Lab Issue
18 .Microtone (China)Lab Issue
19.Megnetic Sterer(M.S_300)1Lab Issue
20Over Hade Projector
(Appolo Medent Corporotion
APTAMA House Tehkal Payan
1Lab Issue
21Screen Tripod type Mattle white 183*244(6*8)1Lab Issue
22 .Oscil scope (20 MHz)(S.N 20507112 t)Lab Issue
23 .PH MeterLab Issue
24 Soil
ThrmameterLab Issue